With Interest: Pushing Your (Share) Buttons

August 4, 2010

Blippy.com - streaming your credit card purchases to the world. Seriously.

If you already believed that we were teetering on the edge of sharing waaay too much information, reading and posting real-time Facebook status updates and Tweets on all manner of personal topics, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, well … I think it’s safe to say that the gravelly rock formation at the cliff’s edge just gave way … and some of us have plummeted to our untimely demise.

At Blippy.com, we can now watch and comment on a steady real-time stream of our friends’ credit card purchases.

Sound slightly crazy? Nah, I agree.  It doesn’t, really.

It sounds absolutely crazy.  As in stark-raving, howling at the moon loony.

Blippy.com is hoping we’re interested enough in becoming financial exhibitionists (proud enough of our “stuff” and status, is more like it) that we’ll give their service a try and let our friends and family know exactly what we’ve bought and how much we paid for it … or at least nosy enough to sign up to check out everyone else’s credit card transactions.  In which case, it’d be just like so much of the rest of our lives … we could sit back and watch and pass judgment on other people’s lives without sharing any of your own.

Why do we do this? Why is it so hard for us to share our lives with other people?  To share our struggles and triumphs and hopes and dreams and disappointments? We’ll share our credit card statements, but not our testimonies?

What are we so afraid of?

It’s long been said that if you wanna know what’s important to a man, take a peek at his checkbook.

And now, at Blippy.com – you can!




  1. Oh man, are you KIDDING me?!

    “…we could sit back and watch and pass judgment on other people’s lives without sharing any of your own.”

    That was brilliant. Couldn’t agree more.

    • dude … I wish I WAS kiddin’. There are, however, obviously folks out there who stream their purchases live over the internet. So many problems with that, I wasn’t even sure where to start. Appreciate you makin’ it over here. I’m really gonna be working on changing the tone of this blog soon … about to get much more personal. Been way too preachy/judgmental for way too long. Never intended it to be that … but, somehow … it’s become that. Or, seems to have …. at least to me. So, keep poppin’ over every once in a while. Have a terrific weekend, bro. Hope you and yours are well.

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