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February 25, 2009

Been a few days since I posted anything (last time I was in, though, I did add a link for subscriptions to the blog) and have, actually, been in a pretty sizeable funk.

ummm-funk1Am I George Clinton? Probably not THAT funky … At least, I’m not rockin’ the big boy diaper (yet).   

Are those my feet? No. Ain’t gotfunk that kinda funk, either. But, definitely … I’ve let worry and stress get the best of me this week.

Gotta battle through.

Big day tomorrow. Men’s get-together at 5:30 am, author in town with dinner afterwards … HUGE game for the Tigers (at UAB, ESPN2, 8:00 … 54-game win streak and a #1 NCAA seed on the line … gonna have to get a buddy to tape it for me, so I can come home and complete my nearly-24-hour day, watching … alone in the dark while the family sleeps) … and a whole lot to accomplish in between.

Anyhow … just a quickie. Hope you’re all well. I’ll fight through this in a day or so and wil have plenty to say about it afterwards … just nothing at the moment. But, didn’t want to leave all 11 of you that read me without your fix (bwaaa hahahaha … it’s OK, laugh out loud – it was a joke).

Until then …

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