About me

I’m a 37-year old father of two wonderful boys – Jack (7) and Charlie (3).  I’m a husband to an amazing woman that I truly don’t deserve.  My wife Tracey has made me a better man and has – in encouraging, inspiring and accompanying me in my walk with our Lord and Savior – saved my life.   She’s brought me to everything that is important in this life … Christ (ironically, SHE was the one that was without Him when we married), the love of a family  and a much-needed change in perspective.  So, thank you, baby girl.  I owe my life and salvation to Him, of course – but you’ve

played a part you’ll maybe never understand in keeping me focused and on the path.  And aside from Christ, you and the boys have given my life purpose.


World-famous Beale Street

I grew up in Memphis, TN, where I spent the first 18 years of my life before heading off to Martin, TN, where I spent five years earning a degree in Broadcast/Journalism from the University of Tennessee-Martin.  It was there that I met Tracey.

Afterwards, I spent 6 1/2 years in professional baseball and 3 1/2 as a PR director at a wonderful agency (CS2 – then, Sossaman + Associates) in downtown Memphis.  Since leaving there to sell real estate, in what has turned out to be both the worst and best


AutoZone Park, downtown Memphis

decision of my life (I’ll explain later), it’s been, well …  a real adventure.

Our family is currently in Murfreesboro, TN and I work as a publicist at Thomas Nelson Publishers – the world’s 7th largest publishing house and largest Christian publisher.  Tracey is at home with Charlie, while Jack is in school.

These last few years have kicked my relationship with – and understanding of – Christ into overdrive.  It’s these daily conversations with Him and the wisdom He’s imparted upon me via tremendous hardships, that I hope to impart upon my two little men, and all men, through this blog.  The few things I think I’m figuring out, I’d just like to pass along.

Love to hear from you.  As I say in my first blog, community and conversation is where we get it all figured out … when we give words, ideas, thoughts LIFE.

A few other things about me:


_memphis-grizzlies2 cardinals pittsburgh_steelers_logo10301042

Unapologetic and absolutely fanatical Memphis Tigers (since 1982), Pittsburgh Steelers (1979),  St.Louis Cardinals (1982) and Memphis Grizzlies (2001) fan.


Unapologetically and staunchly conservative.

Passionate, loyal, creative.

Love golf, camping, fishing, reading, writing, baseball, basketball, autumn, traveling, being on the water and photography.



  1. Took a peak at the blog the other day….your insight on the day to day randomness is fulfilling. I can actually say I enjoyed it! Sounds like your in a happy place in life, and keep passing it on.

    • RanceyBoy –
      Glad you bounced over and checked it out. Nice to know someone reads it from time to time.

      I am, indeed, in a very happy place. Life is good. God is good. Easiest way I can think of to glorify Him for all I have is to do exactly as you suggested – pass it on … blogging is the best way I’ve found to do that …

      Hope you and the family are well … please tell your dad I said hello next time you talk with him, ok?


      ps – was talking with an author the other day about Navy seals and thought of you.

  2. I finally got a chance to check out the blog, and was not disappointed. Variety surely is the spice of life and I’m enjoying your various contributions to my daily/weekly/monthly reading. I’m also learning some new things about you…golf?! Who knew? Hi to Tracey, and tell her to check her email once in awhile!! 🙂

    • Hahaha … I’ll tell her (again!) … Glad you’re checking it out every once in a while. Not sure exactly where I want it to go just yet, but …. it’ll round into form eventually.

      You guys doing OK? How’s Corie? Isaiah? Is he enjoying big brotherhood yet? Jack still talks about him and often thanks God for him when he says his prayers at night.

      Would love to see you guys sometime. Tell Marcus I said hello. We’re SO excited to hear about Fellowship downtown …. Awesome news.

  3. Love the new blog Jonesy!!

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