August 13, 2010

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get through an entire day, week, month (life?) without ever really thinking? Processing? Engaging?

I don’t know about you, but, if I’m not intentional about those things, my Mondays just blend right into my Wednesdays, which become my Fridays and, before I know it, weeks or months have passed, been lost.  I can just cast aside the effort it requires to think/process/engage, do what needs to get done … sleepwalk right through.

I see things … I hear things … I do things  – and often, very well … but they’re thoughtless objects, sounds and tasks.  I’m present … but, I’m not really there.

Whether it’s the hills on my commute that I never really see, the co-worker that I talk to for hours a day, but never really hear … It’s amazing.  And, what ends up happening, I believe – and this is dangerous – is that I am affecting/influencing those I know, work with and love, without giving any thought as to how.   Whether I know/like it or not, my thoughts (or thoughtlessness), actions (or inactivity) and words (or the lack of them) influence everything and everyone in my life.  And, if that’s going to be the case, don’t I owe it to them – and most importantly, to God – to give those thoughts, actions and words some thought? To be intentional about them? To have/be the type of influence He wants me to have/be?

Anyhow … I’m figuring out that if people would just stop for three seconds, and ask themselves a few questions, they’d realize that they probably are – as I so often am – sleepwalking through life … or at least, portions of it.  Those questions – at least for me – are:

1. What just happened? or, What is about to happen?

2. What do I really think about it? Not having an opinion is not an option.  What do I really think about it?

3. Where is God in it … ? and how would He have me process it/react to it?

There are so many things that God is doing in our lives, so many opportunities He’s presenting us with … and, if we’re not awake … not LOOKING for them … we’ll miss them.  It’s just so easy to listen to the radio, surf the net, watch TV, read a book, have meaningless and shallow conversations and pass things off or not give them the benefit of a few minutes of real thought.  At least for me.  What about you?

Are you awake?




  1. Your post is weird in its timing. I’d like to share a quick story. On Friday when we met with that author, I was in the room, but I wasn’t present. I was thinking about my own future. I was thinking about the upcoming football season. I was thinking about another project. 15 minutes after I had left that meeting and returned to my desk, I felt like I owed her and myself more than that. So I went back into that meeting, sat down, and front of everyone I asked her, “What makes one person a success and another person sleepwalk through life?” Without blinking she said, “motivation.” At first I was unsatisfied with her answer. I thought, “well duh!” But she continued: “Most people never stop to really think about what motivates them. I am motivated by my children’s medical needs. When I wake up in the morning I’m not thinking about how much money I can make. I’m thinking about how I need to provide for my children. I’m thinking about the organization I support that fights back against child traffiking. And I go get it done.” I was so glad I went back. I thought about what motivates me. I had no good answer. If you think about it, this could literally be a life-altering question to ask yourself.

    Life is meant to be a learning experience. It is meant to be enjoyed and lived, not gotten through. Work on engaging, work on processing, but most of all, pinpoint what motivates you, and go get it done.

  2. Ouch. At some point in almost every day, my son (who talks pretty much non-stop) will pause and say, “What do you think?” That’s when I realize that I was saying “Mmm-hmm” without even paying attention to what he was saying. And, as my husband always reminds me, “He won’t always be living here with us. Don’t miss these opportunities.”

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