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Catchin’ up

March 13, 2009

Been a few days since I posted anything,  so just thought I’d catch the few of you who do actually read my blog up on what’s been happenin’ at the Jones house.

I’ve been sick as a dog for the last few days.  Nasty sinus infection of some sort.  Can’t breathe and I fire off these machine gun-style sneezes … two or three in succession without a chance to inhale.  Really hurts.  Watery eyes. Runny nose.  Sore throat.  And the only thing that could make my stomach any queasier would be to maybe turn on Rachel Maddow for about 40 seconds.   I’ve had two books mail this week, so the accompanying pitches, follow-ups, reporting, etc. has kept collapse-3d-cover-final1me really, really busy at work and that won’t change for a while.  The two books are both fantastic, fantastic business books.  Collapse of Distinction by Scott McKain and I’ll Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse, by former mob boss Michael Franzese.

As for the other Joneses, Jack has had a good week.  Been feeling good and is doing really, really well at school.  The boy is just getting so tall, so fast.  He’s outgrowing all of his clothes (again).  But, we have a very close friend coming to town this weekend and while he was at the store with Tracey yesterday, buying a few groceries, he spotted a particular treat that he remembered she loved and put it in the basket for her.  He wanted to surprise her with it.  What a sweet, thoughtful kid.  And he’s been so great with Charlie, who just watches his every move and shadows his every step.  I can hear them in the other room and Jack instructing him on the ways of  “a gentleman”.

In fact, the other day, Charlie had, well, a man-sized case of gas … and after gas-can1about the 4th bomb he’d dropped on Jack, I heard Jack tell him “now, Charlie – pooting is OK around Bubba and Dada, but we don’t do that around girls or at the store, OK? Gentlemen don’t do that and you’re a gentleman. OK?”   Boy, do I love that kid.  Just wanna squeeze his little head off.  Both of ’em.

Speaking of Charlie, on top of being a walking propane tank, he just gets bigger and sweeter and more handsome every day.  Unbelievable how big he’s getting.  He’ll be two on the 31st.  Starting to talk more and soon, we’re convinced, the floodgates will open.  He’s been talking up a storm for long, long time – he just isn’t saying anything.  At least not anything we can understand (other than “no”, “mama”, “dada”, “ball”, “bubba” and “Gordon” – which he said once while watching Thomas the Tank Engine).  But, he worships his big brother.   Really great to watch them together.

They were watching TV the other day and Charlie leaned over and laid his head on Jack’s shoulder for a couple of minutes and it was just about the sweetest thing I ever saw.

Tracey is enjoying her Wed. night Precept bible study – a two-year study of Romans … and we’re both starting in the children’s ministry this weekened.  Should be interesting.

Jack lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and now has a second loose one right up front …

I’ve gotten back into another C.S. Lewis kick … I think I’ve determined that he is, without a doubt, my favorite author.  So, I’ll probably be blogging soon about something of his that I’ve read … stay tuned.

T! I! G! E! R! S! TIGERS!

T! I! G! E! R! S! TIGERS!

Car still hasn’t sold, though in another couple of weeks, we’ll be able to lower the price to $5999, so maybe that will help.  Insurance has gone up considerably at work, so selling it and getting rid of that payment sure would help … Anyhow … all told, things are good.   We’re blessed.   Just workin’, payin’ bills,  sayin’ prayers, raisin’ kids … makin’ ends meet somehow.

Until then – God bless and GO TIGERS!


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