God is Dead? There’s an App for That

July 11, 2010

You Say God is Dead?  There’s an App for That



Do we need an app that “arms” us for battle with atheists?  That outlines

“Fast Facts, Challenges & Tactics” produced by LifeWay Christian Resources.

specific tactics to use and questions to ask?

I wanna believe that the fine folks who’ve created these apps have done so with the very best of intentions.  But … really?

Heaven forbid any of us have to actually learn or think anymore. Or, whatever happened to relying on the good, ol’ Holy Spirit? Or our lives to prove/reflect the existence of God?

I mean, is debate what we should be engaging in with non-believers?  Does arguing do anything other than create in each party a greater desire to prove their own point?  To “win” … ?  And, do you think a non-believer is going to be brought to the Lord because your handy-dandy iPhone app provided you with a few Fast Facts?  Is that going to move him/her to explore the possibilities? To a belief in and a relationship with the Lord?  I dunno … just seems to cheapen your testimony.  You don’t know your God well enough to convince me with what’s in your heart?  You love your God so much that you rely on an iPhone app as opposed to having learned these truths through study and reflection? Or experience?   If anything, wouldn’t this convince a non-believer even further of his/her point?  That the God we claim to love and give our lives to, that created the universe, hasn’t changed or inspired us enough to even be  able to clearly explain who He is to another person, without the help of our iPhone?

I dunno,  just begs the question – which God is more powerful? The one in your pocket?  Or the one in your HEART?


One comment

  1. i love you. and, i’m thankful we’re (em)powered by the Holy Spirit– not apple!

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