Taking Charge

June 17, 2010

Take charge - or he will. Of your days - and your nights.

I wrote some time ago about a young King David.  With Goliath, an army and certain death in front of him – and armed with only a few stones, a sling, a ragtag group of outmanned misfits and, of course, the God of the universe – he attacked.   He didn’t walk cautiously towards his enemy … which, when considering who/what was in front of him, would have been impressive enough, no?  But to think that he RAN to meet them?  Incredible.  How many of us would have stood up to such a challenge at all?  Much less welcomed it?  Without hesitation or fear? I can’t imagine a more perfect example of how, with God at our side, we should approach the obstacles and fears in our own lives.

That said, when I came across this video a while back,  I just had to share it.  Talk about someone who, like David, CHARGED his fears – sword at the ready.  Take two minutes and check this out.   Ya gotta hear what he says towards the end … powerful stuff.

So, fellas … how are you approaching your fears?

Are you on a stepladder in your wife’s closet, changin’ bulbs?

Or – are you strapped to helicopters and power lines, climbing around on a half-million volts, thirty stories off the ground?



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