British Airways Clerk Fights London’s Crucifix Ban

January 19, 2010

Airline Clerk Fights London’s High Court Over Crucifix Ban – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News – FOXNews.com.

Christ told us it would happen and it has.  For centuries.  Christians, the targets of persecution, criticism, discrimination.   This is a far cry, of course, from the violence and murderous outrage that Christ-followers in other

Christian check-in employee Nadia Eweida fights ruling that she was not a victim of religious discrimination by British Airways.

parts of the world experience every day.  But, stories like this are becoming more and more commonplace … and doesn’t it beg the question – how long will it be before this is on our doorstep? How long before Christ is no longer “allowed” in the public square? Dismiss it if you will, but it’s happening.  And, while you won’t wake up to find one morning that it’s been taken from you in the cover of night, it’s taking place, one policy, one ban, one “security concern” at a time.

This British Airways clerk in London was sent home in 2006 and nearly lost her job because she refused to stop wearing a cross around her neck at the airport.   The airline finally relented and “allowed” her back to work, but she’s now seeking damages.  The case is in London’s High Court.

Hopefully, as a follower of Christ, whether or not she receives monetary compensation won’t be her primary concern … and she’ll use the publicity instead as an opportunity to glorify the Lord.



  1. yeah … that was my concern, too. the message that sends to the world is not the one we want to send.

    maybe she’ll use whatever money she’s awarded to pay the bills she fell behind on while they kept her at home – and will give the rest to a worthwhile charity. that’d be a nice surprise.

    all that said – the best thing for her to do would be to use her temporary platform/15 minutes to glorify the Lord by saying/doing Godly things for the world to see. we rarely get to set an example for millions at once … would be nice to see someone take that opportunity and use it in the way it should be used.

  2. seeking damages: i’m afraid that using the opportunity to “punish her oppressors” squanders the opportunity to glorify God. i’m all for fighting oppression, but i’m afraid this will be construed as seeking personal gain- whether that’s her motivation or not.

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