Can Santa Claus Come to Town … Every Day?

December 26, 2009

Santa: "I hope this isn't that dreaded 'New' Coke"

I love Christmas morning (which, if you know me, is really saying something …  I’m not a morning person … never have been.  In fact, you have to practically stick your foot in my back and kick me out of the bed.  But on Christmas morning, no matter the time, I never give getting up a second thought.  In fact, I look forward to it … maybe as much as my kids).

This morning, my oldest boy, Jack (6), came around the corner and the smile on his face, the tone of his voice, the excitement and the happiness …. absolute joy in its purest form.  “He came!  He came! Oh my gosh! He came!” There wasn’t an ounce of his 50 pounds that wasn’t blissful.  Which, of course, caused me to ponder a couple of really important things.

1) It reminded me what real, true joy looks, feels and sounds like. And made me question the joy I feel in my relationship with Christ.  Am I THAT joyous? And, if not, why? Shouldn’t I be? Was His gift not the equivalent of a set of $12.00 walkie-talkies?

2)  It made me fall even further in love with my boys – which I didn’t know was possible.  Making them this happy should be my objective more often than once or twice a year.

3) It reminded me, perhaps for the first time since last Christmas, how immensely gratifying and fulfilling it is to make someone else really, really happy.

It made me so happy and fulfilled me in such a way, in fact, that I sat several hours later, missing it already … wishing things didn’t have to go back to normal, to hum-drum, to enduring … wishing I could do it all again (well, all of it except the getting up before sunrise and the gift-wrapping).

Then, I realized … I could.  That there was nothing stopping me. I could be Santa every day, if I wanted to.  And, I should.  It wouldn’t have to cost me an arm and a leg, require the in-laws to sleep over or that I provide a receipt.

I could give.  Every day.  To someone.

Whether that requires me going a mile out of my way, or just a cup of coffee, a hot meal, an encouraging word or a few minutes of my time, I could give more than I do.

So, that said, I’m gonna try to recapture that Christmas morning feeling more often this year.

I’m gonna resolve myself to give more than ever.

Much, I know, has been given to me.

(After all He came!  He came! …. right?)




  1. Good one Jones. I wish things could be like when we were kids again. So Magical. I love giving gifts, no matter the occasion. It makes me happy. 🙂

    • I, of course, knew that about you, Nonny. You’re one of the good ones. Isn’t it just the best? Giving and making other people happy is what that Christmas morning magic is made of … and when you say you can’t recreate it any other time of year, that’s just not entirely true. Obviously, you’re not listening to Perry Como and drinking egg nog in your flannel pajamas in July … but that feeling of overwhelming someone with something unexpected or undeserved is what 99% of that magic is all about … and you can do that any time. We’d all be alot better off if we’d not wait until specific days on the calendar to treat each other in a special way. On the other hand though … nowadays, if there weren’t circled days on the calendar that forced us to get together with friends and family and treat them decently, I’m not sure alot of people ever would. So, maybe the holidays, though few and far between are good for at least that … giving us a few days a year in which we can be at our best … sad, though I suspect it may be true,

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