Can I Get a Witness?

August 23, 2009

Must admit that it feels a little strange to be back behind the keyboard.  Our home computer contracted a really nasty virus and was in the shop for nearly three weeks.  All the while, I of course, had plenty to say – but nowhere to say it.  Once I got it back? Nothin’.  Not a thing to say.  And, in fact, until this very moment, the real problem with that never occurred to me.

hidingLike alot of people, truth be known, I probably use this forum – my blog/the internet – as a bit of a crutch.  A hiding place.  A cop-out.   Being introverted and sometimes even, a bit shy, I feel a heckuva lot more comfortable professing my faith from behind this keyboard.  And, while there’s absolutely nothing in the world wrong with sharing my life/experiences/concerns/the truth, etc. with others in that way, when you make a statement like the one I made in that first paragraph up there … maybe it’s time to take a step back, re-evaluate.

Of which statement do I speak?  Allow me to quote myself.  “All the while, I of course, had plenty to say – but nowhere to say it.”

Are you kidding me?

Nowhere to say it?

How about to the people around me? At work? At home? At church?  Am I – not consciously, albeit – at a point where I am thinking more about how a particular thought the Lord lays on my heart would work better as a blog post than about how it could enrich the life of the person in the cube next to me?  Or about how it may be exactly what the person I’m talking to at that very moment needs to hear? Am I letting opportunities to speak into others’ lives  pass me by, because, well … I can just send it to ’em with a link and a photo later?

I catch myself flipping open my journal to get a particular thought or angle down before I lose it.  So that I (I!) can reflect on it later.  And, while that, at first glance, wouldn’t seem to be something awful, at second glance, maybe it is.  After all, in that moment, I’m not thinking of anyone but myself, am I?  I want to get it down, so that I – and only I – can reflect on it later … Maybe pray about it.  But, what about the person with whom I’m talking? What if it’s something THEY could/should reflect on later? Am I robbing them of something they desperately needed to hear? Couldn’t our talking it through offer us both something significant?  And, couldn’t I still, later, sit down at this keyboard – only with even MORE to say?

Not sure what this means for you, if anything … for me, it means I’ve got to stop seeing this platform as an escape, a crutch, a cop-out, an alternative.




  1. hey Jason,

    great thoughts here. I find myself in the same category. not really wanting to engage until i’ve had time to mull it over. i’m often more comfortable writing. it’s more calculated, more controllable. i want to craft my words just the way i’d like them. get the right flavor, the right nuance, and ya know, there is a place for that –

    look at how the books you read have impacted you. you hear things in your head, in your own voice, and God can speak through that in the quiet places a way that the spoken word doesn’t reach.

    don’t discount the impact of your writing. God has gifted us all in different ways. i’m not a speaker or teacher like the guys that lead our church, and frankly i’ve seen (and have myself) damage done when i spoke first and processed later. things i wished i could take back.

    that having been said, God can move us to speak, but unless you are resisting a particular prompting, man use your gifts as you are given them.

    keep posting!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, man. I’ll keep posting. Just a matter of finding/making the time … which, is another post unto itself. Gotta do a better job of that. Big job, with all we have goin’ on, but I gotta stop making excuses and do it.

      Hope ya’ll are well … good to know someone out there, somewhere, is reading.

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