Preach to SAVE me – not PLEASE me: The Dangers of a “Feel-Good” Gospel

July 27, 2009

God never ceases to amaze me.

There’s a message I’m supposed to be hearing right now – obviously. I picked up MacArthur’s book, Hard to Believe, which I wrote about last week. The book’s topic – “seeker-sensitive” churches, or more specifically, pastors and churches who preach only a “feel-good” gospel … a gospel that will grow the number of butts in seats on Sunday.  But – not necessarily a gospel that will save souls. I’ve been agreed with on what MacArthur said and my opinion of it. I’ve been taken to task.

But, upon visiting Fellowship Memphis’ web site to hear the latest sermons, this one was (its subject unbeknownst to me), of course, the first one I opened and listened to. Of course it was … of course.  God will absolutely direct your path and speak to you, if you are willing to listen.

Very, very, very well said (as always) by Bryan Loritts. If you’re gonna preach the gospel – don’t preach it to please people. And preach it ALL.

Great, great listen. Do yourself a huge favor and check it out.

Love to hear what you think afterwards, as we continue this discussion …




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