The Science of God

June 30, 2009

Like alot of you, I’d seen the last of these Louie Giglio clips before.   But, never the entire sermon.  And, I know these have been around the block a time or two.  So, forgive me for perhaps being a bit late to the game.  But, after seeing this in its entirety last week, I just had to post each of the five segments here together.   They’re worth watching again, even if you have seen them.  And, for those of you who haven’t, turn up the volume on your computer a bit, sit back and prepare for your mind to be blown.   I’m tellin’ ya – if you start watching this, you won’t stop.

And, when you’re done, tell me … how big do you feel? How big do your worries feel? And, how absolutely UNBELIEVABLE is our God?  Do ya think, just maybe, that a God that can do all of this, can hold you together? 







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