Catch my drift?

April 9, 2009

Wow. Been a while. Almost a month since my last post. No excuses, really – just been really, really busy and, to be honest,  a bit down.  Haven’t felt much like talking to anyone but myself.  Working my way out of it, but sometimes, boy  … the world just seems to want to take you out behind the schoolhouse and pound you into the dirt, ya know?


Life - Muhammad Ali. Me - Sonny Liston

Definitely something I’ve got to work on.  Something alot of guys I know need to work on.  Recovering.  Getting back up once we’ve been knocked down. Now, I can take a punch. Several, actually.  In fact, I’d say it takes a good, long beating to get me on the mat.  But, once I’m there?  I have a tendency to lay there a while. I always get back up … but, yeah … sometimes, I lay there longer than I should. Just seems easier than standing back up and being punched in the face again. Am I right?

Well, a guy who I used to like a little bit as a basketball coach (who is now dead to me – another story for another day … here’s to Kentucky going 0-34 next year and on probation the year after) always said something that stuck with me. He’d say (and, I’m sure he lifted this from someone else … just the kind of guy he is, we’ve now come to find out … am I right, Tiger fans?) “every single day, you’re either getting better, or you’re getting worse.”

Well, that applies spiritually, too.

I think, at times, I’ve been guilty of believing that it was OK to take a break … to rest … to not pursue godly things … to just be. No blogging, no reading, no witnessing, no observing or engaging. I’ve believed that, when I got good and ready, God would be right there and I could just pick up where I left off.

And, while He’s always accessible and would never leave me, I’ve found that quote to be true. Except, with God, you’re either drawing nearer, or drifting farther.  And, I’ve been a drifter.

great-ocean-roadThat said … I’m figuring out that there’s more discipline involved in really loving and serving Him than I guess I’ve ever wanted to admit to. And, by that, I mean that it takes discipline to do something that sometimes, you just don’t want to do. Like read, blog, observe, witness, engage.

So … did you draw nearer today? Or drift a little further out to sea?

And, are you willing to pull out those paddles and row?



One comment

  1. Great thoughts. Finding that to be so true in my life. I pat myself on my back for periods of rejuvenation, then ask, “How did it get to where I needed to be rejuvenated?”


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